Meet our elegant Lava bag in the color mocca. With it's two straps it is easy to wear on every occasion.


    This wavy strap is our newest edition. Mix and match with different models or even with the bag you have at home.

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New collection pre-order

We launched our new Lava bag in the color mocca on-demand. The production has already started and will arrive in September 2022.

Though the production has started, you can still order it with -15% off until the beginning of September.

Let's go on this sustainability journey together.

Lisa Marin

At Lisa Marin we like to contribute to a greener world. We do not use real leather as it is our mission to eliminate animals from the fashion industry. Instead, we use vegan replacements like apple skin, a high-end quality material made with apple waste from the food industry. We love the idea of turning waste into luxury products.

Our bags are designed in Amsterdam and crafted in Italy. Our designs are timeless and elegant and designed for every occasion. Quality is an important pillar for us because we believe a bag should be your lifelong companion.

More about us
  • What is on demand?

    On-demand means that a company produces the amount of bags that are ordered. We determain the production quantity by the number of bags sold during our pre-sale period.

  • Why on demand?

    The most sustainable way of producing is knowing that all of our source material ends up in a happy customers hands. To make this happen we do this pre-sale.

  • Your advantage

    As a thank you for your trust and support you get 15% off.

    All orders will be shipped the latest by September.

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Why is on-demand sustainable?

At Lisa Marin, we are always looking for ways to become more sustainable (read about our production here). On-demand is inherently more sustainable than mass production. We wait for orders to come in and base our production on the amound that is ordered. In this way we minimise waste of source material, production labour and shipping.

How long until I receive my order?

Orders placed in July 2022 will be shiped to our customers in October 2022 the latest.

Can I return a pre-order?

Yes. As much as we hope (and think) you will absolutely love your bag when it arrives at your doorstep, it is always possible to return your pre-ordered bag.