Abuelabelly - cover



A Roar in Abuela’s Belly.


The Valdez sisters are blessed with mystical talents and enriched with spiritual insight and a connection to the life beyond. Some of their gifts are more useful than others, yet together their existence is complimented by ‘unexplained’ abilities and complicated by manifestations, prayers and curses. Edwina Valdez is the head of her family, and sister and “mother” to her six sisters. With so many women in one household, cracks run along the walls when each Valdez sister realises the lengths Edwina will go to, to prevent them from leaving home to lead their own lives. Edwina’s controlling nature and fool-proof plans make sure they all stay where they are. Romantic interests, career aspirations and dreams are all tucked under beds, in wardrobes and under the garden path to keep Edwina in the dark. The unexpected arrival of an Argentinian inspector in Baños, following a lead in a murder case, kicks Edwina’s world in the knees and she punishes her heart for rebelling against her own rules. 

An unfolding and rolling down the hill tale, a tale of rummage-sale predictability and ‘stick a fork in your eye’ flavours of defiance and rebellion. Sometimes large families are horrific and hilarious. Or…….. perhaps comedy should be left alone when it comes to the Valdez sisters.





Introverts Anonymous – Working Title

WIP – Jim is strange and loathes involvement and interactions.

Change comes to those who fear it.


Lucinda – Working Title


Third Novel in the planning stages.